Consultancy for the supply of industrial valves

Due to growing demand we have expanded our range of services offered, also offering consultancy and supply of API6D Lubricated Inverted Plug valve, thanks to a close collaboration with a leading company highly specialized in the production of such component.

The main features are absolute high structural strength, low maintenance costs, excellent performance at high pressures, the possibility of use in all those applications where ball valves or TOVs would have difficulty in functioning satisfactorily.

For these reasons, lubricated inverted plug valves are still today "the solution" for heavy particulate applications.

In addition to designing for third parties, Valvar Engineering manages and supplies Lubricated Inverted Plug valves according to the most stringent product quality standards required by the market.

Performed on 100% of the valvesCarried out as an on-site verification or on customer request

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