Industrial mechanical design & innovation for ON/OFF valves

Our company guarantees to our Customers an high skilled design support and competencies for ON/OFF valves. Our expertise may vary from simple design optimization of a valve's component , in example reducing its weight and lead-time or simply changing the design, till to a complete valves or even whole product line of lubricated inverted plug valve in accordance with API 6D and triple offset valve (TOV) with API 609. By a large portfolio of solutions , VALVAR is also able to offer assistance in design by CAD, supply chain for outsourcing, etc...

By a network of expert design engineers with decades of experience in engineering and R&D department, we now offer a support and value for all whole supply chain as well as for the production of the parts or valves. We started from simple engineering company to outsource some design and now after several years we become a complete engineering company capable to develop also prototype. Our process follows the following steps

Customers are directly followed in each of the development of the project from one of our engineers, to assure forecasted lead-time and cost.

Triple Offset Valve (TOV)

TOV is also known as triple eccentric valve; it is an evolution of a butterfly valves, developed to utilize this family of valves for high service service.

It differs from other butterfly valves thanks to some peculiarities. First of all, the design is free from sealing elastomers (o'ring) and this makes it suitable for the most varied uses: low temperatures, high temperatures, gases, corrosive / aggressive fluids. It is also equipped with a machined metal conical ring, which adapts perfectly to the conical seat of the body without the use of rubber. This ensures that the tightness is guaranteed by the torque force and no longer by friction. The valve is designed with three offsets that allow the disc and seal ring to rotate until it contacts the body seat and to perform a zero leak system. It has the same cone-to-cone principle as a globe valve, but tightness is guaranteed at a quarter turn.

TOV valves use a sealing system consisting of a fixed seat and a rotating plane of identical shape equal to an inclined conical section. When the cones overlap, the closed position and sealing is achieved. To completely eliminate friction, three offsets are used.

The Triple Offset Valve guarantees a perfect seal and is therefore suitable for use in oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, oil refineries, off-shore platforms, nuclear power plants, district heating, steel mills, cryogenic plants, sugar refineries, and paper mills. .The zero leakage of TOV is due to various factors:

The shaft positioned off-axis with respect to the seal centerline and the valve axis creates the double eccentricity. The triple eccentricity is determined by the elliptical seat obtained as a portion of the cone whose axis is inclined with respect to the valve axis. The triple eccentric movement allows uniform pressure on the entire seat.

The forces generated by the torsion in closing are uniform over the entire elliptical surface. The lamellar pack flexes assuming the shape of the seat. Compression forces equally distributed around the perimeter generate a bi-directional watertight seal. The elasticity of the lamellar pack allows the valve body and disc to contract and expand without the risk of seizing due to temperature changes.

The valve construction according to API 609, ISO 5752, ASME B16.10 standards makes it a perfect replacement for other previously installed valves. The compactness and lightness represent further advantages of the valve, reducing the weight and dimensions compared to other types of valves. Being constructed entirely of metal and with graphite seals, the triple offset valve is also fireproof.

Our design department uses the most advanced software and techniques for the realization of the products. The valves are designed in 3D and their operation is verified with simulations of operation at service conditions.


The triple offset can be made with the following connections:

Standards applicableTypeTemperature

-196° C till +750° C by selected material

Lubricated inverted Plug valve

The balanced pressure lubricated plug valves are characterized by rigorous mechanical processing, followed by lapping between the plug and the body to ensure the perfect "footprint" between the two contact and sealing elements. The plug is hardened by heat treatment and an anti-friction treatment is performed on it to reduce friction. This final finish guarantees tight-seal. It is important to periodically lubricate these valves using the specific sealant to ensure a zero leakage seal.

Thanks to the absence of any cavities and a simple but solid design, they are highly recommended for any critical Full ΔP operation and for use in conditions of high concentration of solid particles or for high pressure applications, ideal for gas service. They provide excellent abrasion resistance and minimal routine maintenance.

The advantages of balanced pressure lubricated plug valves are various:


The Lubricated plug valve can be made with the following connections:


From -45° C to +250° C by suitable sealing materials and sealant

Standards applicableType

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